Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Just a couple of odd ones..

Here's just a couple of portraits I have taken here and there of some random people and some good friends.. They just don't really fit anywhere.. Enjoy..

I don't know why, but this is one of my favourite photos EVER, I love it :)



Introducing my other brother, Jack.

These are a bit posed, but I love them anyway :)

This is my beautiful friend, Furva.

They were a bit random, but I had nowhere else to put them you see.. Thanks for stopping by :)

My Photo Project

I started this a while ago, but I really wanna get going with it again, a few of my friends and family are featured, and the basic idea is quotes or cliches or idioms in photograph form.. So I'm gonna post what I've done so far and why I chose them, and then if you have any ideas or want to be in one, please comment, or email me at rosie.28.biggs@googlemail.com, thanks guys :)

Hate Breeds Hate.
This is quote is from one of my favourite films 'La Haine', if you have seen it, my lovely friend Nathan is portraying Hubert who says the quote in the film, and also, if you look closely, there's a poster for the film in the background :)

At the End of the Day.
My brother George helped me with this, basically I wanted to get the sunset and the quote in the photograph, so I wrote it on some glass.. It's not the best, but it was a good practice.

Egg on your Face.
This was absolutely horrible, George got to throw 6 eggs at my face while the camera went off, it hurt and it was cold.. If I'm honest I don't like this photo very much, mainly because I'm fatter in it, but also I shouldn't have cropped it so tight, but hey, you learn as you do..

Silent but Violent.
George, my wonderful brother/model, looks 'killer' in this photo, his eyes are actually unbelievable!
I really enjoy photographing him, but anyway the general idea in this photo is the fact he can't speak and he's holding a knife - hence the silent but violent...

Hope you liked this 4 and I didn't bore you too much with the explanation, but yeah, remember, email me if you wanna be in the photos or have any ideas and until next time...

Monday, 27 December 2010


Okey dokey, here are a wonderful couple, the parents of the beautiful Léane.  This is their engagement shoot, which Léane is featured in the first one, but you gotta look out for their wedding which is next summer, so keep an eye out peoples :)

Introducing Mathilde..

One of the many photos I took of their rings.. That's a fire engine in the background their :)


Here's a couple of the couple ;)
The first three are in Niort and the rest in Paris..

Sorry for the shortness, in fact I expect you're probably happy to have a short one after the last few posts :)


He is my best friend and the best model. He absolutely loves the camera!!  Nothing more to say other than.. Look and love :)

What eyes...


Favourite.. My bad for liking all the photos of people when their faces aren't in them..


I'm gonna put a sneeky post next with Tristan and his lovely partner Florian.. Look out for them :)


She is beautiful, with killer eyes, that is all there is to say on the matter. However, she is a darn site faster this time around then when she was 7 months, it was very tricky getting any good shots of here, but I managed to get a couple :)

Eyes. :O

Un bébé est pour la vie..

He's got the power..

Beautiful girl, and I am sooooo looking forward to photographing her as she grows up :)
Ta ta x