Monday, 27 December 2010

France; November 2010

Yes, we're six months later and finally back in France again, where you'll soon see just how much little Léane has grown!!
I went to stay with Tristan's family in Poitiers and we went to Paris for a few days too, so there are quite a few photoshoots in here, which I'm gonna split up, so we have, the beautiful Léane in many locations, we have Tristan, and little one with Tristan and Florianand we have Mathilde and Greg on their engagement photoshoot before the wedding..

I also took some street photography which I'm gonna put here, cos I know how lame it is to have a post without photos :) Enjoy...

What a poser!! 

1 red balloon

This isn't quite street, because it's the beautiful Florian, but he didn't pose, and I love it so much, so I had to put it in here somewhere... Favourite!

This is another favourite too

There we go, I think the majority of these are in Paris, I hope you like them :)
Until next time...

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