Sunday, 23 January 2011


YAY new post for all you avid fans... long silence.

It was George's birthday a couple of weeks ago, and we had his celebratory meal today, also I made a very big decision that I am saving all my pennies for this camera:

The beautiful Canon 7D. I love it sooo much. And it is going to take me an age to save up for it, but I am determined to do it before the first wedding I'm photographing this summer :)

Anyway, here are some of the photos from when me and my brothers (George and Jack) and my cousin Matthew took the dog for a walk...

Dunno why, but I love this...

We've briefly met Jack before, and he is just as good at posing as George, and I couldn't decide which of these two 'through the trees' shots I liked the best, so why not shove them both up :)

Current desktop background - love.

I can't actually believe how much he has changed recently..

Ewwwww. Droool.


Another favourite..

I absolutely love the photos from today, and I didn't think I would take any to be honest... But hey, hope you like them, and I hope to give y'all another blog post soon, but until then, take care guys..
Rosie xxxx

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