Saturday, 8 January 2011


I feel so lucky to have so many people letting me take photos of them, I have another photo shoot booked for next week and I had a lovely one today with Laura!! We're lucky the rain held off, but the lighting was really bad and it was freeeezing.. So I only managed to get a few barely decent photos, nevertheless, I hope you enjoy them :)

We went to All Saints Church, and the caretaker was lovely enough to unlock the church for us to let us take some pictures inside :D

I like this one :)

We saw this wheelchair and decided to take a couple of shots, I know it's a bit random, but hey - why not?

Laura, you're absolutely stunning!!

Favourite :)

Completely favouritest ever. BEAUTIFUL!

I hope you like them, and I know you're reading this Laura, official blog stalker, thank you very much for giving me your time :D

Until next time xxxx

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