Saturday, 12 February 2011

Jack; Take Two.

Well hello strangers!!

I am sooooooo sorry for the silence on my part; I haven't done an awful lot of photographing recently - I just haven't had the time :)
So I asked George to come out this afternoon in the afternoon light and he said he couldn't be bothered basically.. So I asked my other brother, who kindly accepted, and I am soo pleased with these photos :) so thank you Jack :)

I love this sooo much <3 Fav.

Love the light on the treeees :)

Gotta love a bit of sunflare :D

Another favourite..

I love this one too. Well what can I say, I'm soo proud of these photos. Thanks again Jack :)

Why so serious?

Okay, now when I saw this photo in the back of the camera. I like nearly cried. I set the camera up, put it on self-timer, only gave myself 10 seconds to run a longggg way lol - but I made it. I love this photo sooo much. It's gonna be a canvas soon :D
Showed my mum and dad - they didn't have as much as enthusiasm as me lol.
Dad: "Your heads are cut off, you look like aliens."
Fair enough lol... But here it is :)

So once again, I'm well sorry for the lack of posts but I hope to be better from now on :)
Lots of love xxxxxx

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