Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Photo Project; 1 a day.

Hello blog readers..
How is everyone?

Okay, I have decided to start a proper photo project and actually stick to it. I am going to take a photo a day for a whole year, and post every one on here, so yay for you. I might post them in a weekly sets otherwise you'll all start crying about the sheer amount of blog posts.

I'm gonna post today's now because its the first one. So why today I hear you ask?
Today would have been the 18th birthday of my beautiful baby brother James, and so I thought today would be poignant enough, and especially as today's photo is of one of my other lovely brothers, who is currently in the school production of Sound of Music. I am always so proud when I see him perform, and heres a photo of him doing just that!!

1. 15/2

I know it's not very exciting, but there he is, the lovely George :)
See you soon blog readers :D
Thanks for being loyal xxxxx

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