Monday, 21 February 2011

Project 365; Week 1

Well hello guys and gals.

I have a week of photos now, so here they are:

1. 15/2
You've all seen this I think, George in Sound of Music..

2. 16/2
My photo-selling stall at the Sound of Music, if buying on of my photos has brought you to my blog, thank you :D

3. 17/2
The top of Crown Hill in Croydon waiting for my cousin

4. 18/2
Sam and I from our photo shoot on Friday in Hammersmith..

5. 19/2
Aftermath of the Chinese Takeaway.

6. 20/2
The most gorgeous Moussaka cooked by the beautiful Tristan and Florian.

7. 21/2
Self-portrait. It's been a boring day, this is the book I got this lovely idea from :D

Happy blogging xxxx

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