Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Okay, right now I should be writing my butt off because I have two horrid assignments due in this week, but I have had enough for a while and I've taken a mini-break to post my photos I took this nice relaxing afternoon, which was lovely in comparison to my hellish morning, if the specific person who was in my company this morning is reading this, I apologise for my swearing and appreciate your patience, honestly :)

Anyway, enough chitter chatter, I'm stalling. Here are just a few photos of my fellow camera owner, Nathan and the lovely city in which we live...

A slightly different view of the Cathedral..

I love this photo of Nathan, bless him. He was sitting on the floor because he was taking a picture of me, which I instructed him to do, he didn't have an awful lot of choice!!

Very handsome..

Thanks for stopping by :D xxxxx

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