Sunday, 6 March 2011

Project 365; Last 13 days.

I almost didn't post this because then Amy & Laura's photo shoot wouldn't be at the top.. But I have decided to go for it, because I know you all wanna see the latest on with my photography project: project 365. I can see it in your eyes!! So here we go, my last 13 days in photo form, a couple of the photos may have already appeared on the blog and for that I apologise..

8. 22/2
My housemate and I, I grabbed him for a photo right at the end of the day because I forgot to take one earlier.. He wasn't happy...

9. 23/2
My horrifically long to-do list. Still incomplete..

10. 24/2

11. 25/2
The day I got my grubby mitts on my new Canon..

12. 26/2

13. 27/2
My lovely doggie's feet

14. 28/2

15. 1/3
Roller blader.

16. 2/3
I know this looks really weird, but it's a long exposure of my desk in my room with the lights out, and it's with the light of the tv, and if you look closely you can see my phone which I slid along the desk during the photo being taken.. Odd I know, but it was 11:45pm and I hadn't taken a photo yet...

17. 3/3
Taken with my mobile, Cath Kidston opened a store in Canterbury. I was in heaven!

18. 4/3
This bill ruined my day.

19. 5/3
Another photo of the wondrous Amy and Laura.

20. 6/3
Waiting for the train.

Thanks for looking :)

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