Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Project 365; Next 8 Days.

You can tell when I need to do some work for university, because a blog post magically appears!! So here we go, an update on my project (which I am still going strong with, surprisingly), a photo everyday for a year, but unfortunately, I'm getting a bit lazy because the whole idea was to get my creative juices following and make me really think about each photo, but I'm a busy girl - so the project has taken a bit of a back seat. I'm pleased I'm still doing it though - that's something. And I recommend others to do it too! A photo is a second in time as my blog suggests, and every photo just brings back memories! I can remember everything I did on these days because the photo reminds me. I love it :) So enjoy the latest 8 photos in the life of Rosie...

21. 7/3
The weather last week was lovely. Had to get a shot of the sun shining on the Cathedral.

22. 8/3

23. 9/3

24. 10/3
Boring I know, but it was essay writing day!

25. 11/3
I got a bit Cathedral happy this week.. Love the weather!!

26. 12/3
First day with my brand new Epiphanie and I love it! Well worth the money.

27. 13/3
Told you it was lazy this week. Gotta love the Boosh!

28. 14/3
Free Wagamama's on campus today. Claire and I queued for over half an hour.
Oh yeah, well wanna do a photo shoot with this beaut!

Until next time, happy snapping :D

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