Saturday, 9 July 2011

Getting Ready | La Préparation

I love this because the wedding was on the 2nd July. So I kept the 2 in colour :)

When Greg first saw his beautiful bride!

The photos of the ceremony will be here soon. Don't fret!

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  1. Rosie, I'd say you did pretty good for your first wedding, and wow, such a long one! My favorites are the shoes -- both the mens and the bride's and the little blonde girl that you caught between the woman bent over. I too, love the one of the cute little guy with the fun t-shirt wearing a 50's bike t-shirt that has a trike (possibly in the other post). And oh, we played BOCCE ball this weekend (as in the photo at Tristan's house)although I'll bet our rules are much different than how you play it. Loved your e-mail and can't wait to see more. Doesn't the editing part take forever! Oh my, I feel for you after such a long wedding.