Friday, 2 September 2011

Nick&Natalie {Married}

So blog readers, I photographed my second wedding. It was an absolute walk in the park. Nick and Natalie were absolutely lovely and so were their family, I was a really nice morning :) So here are a few from the ceremony, and if you're wondering why nearly all of them are black and white, I did as I was told ;) - I was happy to oblige because black and white photos are by far my favourite :)

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Hope you liked them :) until next time xxx

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  1. These are very nice and fun Rosie. Good job. I loved the one with the woman and the light fixture on the wall and the one of the Marriage sign is my fav ... unless maybe it's the one with the two chairs perfectly centered with the window. Pretty light. Nice stuff girl! I'm sure your clients were very pleased! Mary ... Oh! and I love your new header and name type. Cool stuff.