Friday, 25 November 2011

Leane: Part 2

Here she is, part two, as promised. I just can't get over how photogenic this kid is.. Enjoy...

Her daddy's a fireman, so I thought we'd have a little photo on the back of the truck.

I love this one below, she is the cutest. She was telling me about the moon here, she loves it.

Her eyes. My goodness.

Yes I was lying in the road for these 2. But it's okay, I'm still alive!

Hands down. No lie. This photo below is my absolute favourite of her. I haven't taken one better, I love it because its natural - she was playing, I called her name and she looked at me. The lighting was difficult to get a decent shot and I managed it and I just love the colours, especially of her cheeks and lips. Love it so much.

Look at those little legs.

I hope you liked them, I'm just about done with my photos I took at the beach a couple of weeks ago, so fingers crossed over the weekend I can get them up.


  1. Great captures! i can't wait for the beach shots :)

  2. Hello my foreign friend! Nice work! I enjoyed your last e-mail so much and I will respond one day soon. I have been pounding out the edits and uploading to try and get some neglected some organized! Keep up the good work. :-)

  3. Oops, I meant some neglected files organized!