Monday, 28 November 2011

My weekend at the beach.

Hello blog people. So a couple of weekends ago, I went to stay in a house right next to the beach, you may have seen my little .gif that I posted the other day. But I was bloody close. Not many people can say that they were on the beach in the middle of November in 24 degree heat. So I was happy, the beach after all is my most favourite place. In this set, there are a couple of photos of me - don't be alarmed, I don't think you can see my face in any of them, and it was still me who took them, on self-timer. It's a beautiful thing!! So I hope you enjoy the photos just as much as I enjoyed that beautiful weekend. Let's start things off with the blog celebrity, Leane....

There I am. I had 10 seconds to leg it over those rocks. Which made the birds fly. So I like this photo :) 

Here I am again, and I really did have to leg it in this one, My camera gives me ten little seconds. There were a few outtakes for this shot, but I persevered!

Me again. I apologise.

There's just something about mini converse...

I love this, I wish I could have found someway to put it on self timer so I could be in it - can you see my empty chair? This is just so French, everyone crowded round the table like this. I love it :)

I went for a walk on the rocks in the morning and there was a husband and wife prizing all the limpets of the rocks to eat later. The french call them, Chinaman's Hats. I think that is an awesome name!

I couldn't decide which feet photo I liked best, so they both went in..

She just took a dive. Absolutely hilarious! And I love the seaweed in her hair!!


A Frenchman wearing a Northampton Rugby shirt. Too cool..

This photo is far from perfect, it's out of focus for a start, but it was pitch black so I couldn't see a thing. I set the camera down, nearly crying because it was a beach - and if there's one thing I don't want in my camera, is sand. I set it down and legged it in 10 seconds in the pitch black, surprised I didn't break my neck. And then I had to stay as still as possible for 25 seconds. So that's why I like it. And also, you can see the stars :)

The last day and seeing as we were so close to the beach, the boys bought the table onto the beach to have apero. Awesome.

I promise there was someone standing just out of frame ready in case she took a leap.. But she's not that stupid :)

I know that was a lot of photos, and a lot of talking on my behalf, but I hope you liked them. Until next time.. xx


  1. I so love these all!!! Great shots and there's never too many photos :)

  2. Simply amazing! I love how you talk ... the odd words you use such as "legging it". So cute. You did a great job Rosie with your timer. I loved your journaling and all the pics. Can't wait for more! Come on, leg it some more! Your American Friend, Mary