Thursday, 29 December 2011

20 and a half on my 20th and a half.

So today was awesome. Let me explain. A good few weeks ago, I saw this post on one of the awesome blogs I follow. If you can't be bothered to read it, I'll explain the concept. On her 31st birthday she did an amazing 31 random acts of kindness. I thought this was such an awesome idea, what a great way to spend a day. But I couldn't wait until my 21st birthday! It's toooo long away, so I decided to do something for my half birthday. Today, I turned 20 and a half, so I did 20 and a half random (some of them weren't so random) acts of kindness. Here we go :)

1. I set an alarm (haven't done that in a while) and got up bright and early to make my daddy breakfast, can't remember the last time I did that - so yes it did count!!

2. On the way into town, I decided, as I was driving a lot today, that whenever there was an opportunity to let someone out of a road or let some people cross the road, I would. Only when it was safe obviously ;)

3. When I parked the car, I went and put money in all the parking meters of the car park.

4. I went into my local Co-op supermarket and bought a voucher for Boots, and then I turned around in the queue and gave it to the old lady behind me. This was by far the best one, she was so shocked and a little bit happy, I hope at least ;) the cashier was just as shocked, it was such an awesome feeling!

5. I went into the charity shop nearby and offered to buy the people in there some hot drinks, but they said that they'd just made themselves a drink, which I thought wasn't terribly grateful, so I donated some money to their shop instead.

6. I walked past some scaffolders in the street and so I went along to the local tea room and bought them a couple of takeaway teas :)

7. I decided that every person I came into contact with, I was going to make the effort to be extra nice to them, wish them a nice day etc.

8. I went into the nearest newsagents and put little notes into magazines and I hope people find them and think that they're not adverts!

9. I posted a photo to my grandma which I'm sure she will love of all the family.

The half. I posted a present I found for my friend to her, so seeing as I had already got the present, I thought the sending of it would count as the half.

10. I put this poster below up on the town noticeboard.

11. Seeing as my dad used to be a fireman, I know how hard they work and how much they love cake, so I thought I would make a cake and take it to the nearest fire station. That was cool, the fireman I met there was lovely.

12. I put some diesel in my dad's car because he'd let me use it so much :)

13. I stuck this scratch card to the machine as I left, and just before, a really nice guy who worked there had tried to help me, and as I pulled away, I saw in my mirror that he took the scratch card, so that made me kinda happy :)

14. My mum is a midwife, so I went to the nearest midwife office and dropped off a bouquet of flowers and a card thanking them for the beautiful job they do!

15. Seeing as I never do it, I drove to the beach and walked my dog, it was sooo nice. I love the beach.

16. My brother came with me on my adventures, so I bought him some food to keep his energy levels up!

17. I cooked dinner for my family in the evening, my Thai green curry went down nicely :)

18. I left a box of chocolates and a card, thanking the postman for his services .

19. I sent an email to a person I admire.

20. I encouraged my family to go to a local quiz night to have some family time - which unfortunately happens a lot less than I would like, and I paid for us to enter, with the money going to the blind, so this was another favourite, selfishly I suppose, because I benefited!!

And that's it. I cannot encourage you all enough to do the same thing! It was truly amazing! I'm gonna try and make sure I do as many good deeds as possible, and not just save them up for one day because the feeling of helping others is just too good. And on top of it all, I got to spend an awesome day with my little brother, who I would like to thank for coming with me, I wouldn't have nearly been as much fun! Thanks Jack.
I hope this inspires you to do at least one good deed. Speak soon blog friends xxxxxx


  1. ohhh.. very inspiring!! i will definitly have to think up somethings for that some birthday!

  2. What a wonderful blog post this was Rosie. So great to see young people with such a heart as you obviously do! I will have to do something of this sort myself. I haven't forgotten that I owe you an e-mail.