Saturday, 10 December 2011


A week ago I went to Julien's house, he is a volunteer fireman, and he told me that during that night there would be a practice run, but like a massive one including doctors, the police and around 30 firemen. They were going to stage a crash and there would be 6 'victims' and he asked me to photograph it. I didn't have all my lenses with me - just one in fact and I was shooting at night. I am completely opposed to using flash, so all of these photos were taken without my flash (mainly because my flashgun is in the UK) but flash ruins photos anyway. There are so which look like it - but the firemen put up massive outside lights, sometimes they helped me - sometimes they made it very difficult.
Technicalities and excuses aside, as a daughter of an English fireman, I was so proud to know some many firemen in England and France, and so proud of my dad. The way this team worked together was amazing! It took about 2 hours in the freezing cold, I actually thought my fingers were gonna drop off. So to all the firemen everywhere, thank you for saving lives!

Anyway, enough of my wittering, let's kick off with the preparation, all the victims were made up to look actually hurt, don't worry, none of them actually were... Time was short, and I love this shot of Julien getting his wife to hold the phone while he spoke and put a fake cut on his friends head.

The briefing...

It was all go! I nearly got left behind...

The car was well and truly on fire, which was impressive seeing as there was nothing inside, all the fuel and oil was taken out prior, which also meant it didn't stay alight for very long...

If you're an avid reader of secondintime, you may recognise the man on the left. The groom, and Julien (the guy putting on the make-up) is his brother. I was so impressed to see them both running the show.

The police

I love this shot. SO MUCH. The brothers together, and the seriousness on their face. Needless to say their mother loved it.

Alban, who has appeared on the blog before, he is the son of Julien and he wants nothing more than to become a fireman like his dad, bless him. So he was made up to be one of the victims - the cut on his nose is not real, don't worry ;)

I know you can't see any of the action, but I just love the pretty colours..

One of my favourites - couldn't tell you why, it's not quite in focus, it's blurry, but I just love the concentration taking place to 'save the man's life'. I can't tell you how incredible it was to be so close to this.

Let's finish with my favourite shot. I love it, I waited for ages for someone to move in front of the light to create that effect. Love.

I know I waffled a lot more than usual in this post, it is also pretty long, so I apologise for that, but I just had to document that night, it was amazing to witness it, it really was. Come back soon, I have another post that I'm sure will be ready soon.

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